“…Emerald ripples beneath the bridge
A moment of stillness and a turquoise reflection stares back
What lingers beneath?
Life is found in emerald ripples, dancing leaves, turquoise reflections
And in the tranquility of the springtime,
Green breathes life into me”


The Momentum of Folding

Toro y moi hums in my ears
Blues and greys and whites swirl in front of me
Today I’m practicing the art of Japanese bookbinding
Coarse papers with smooth creases pile up
I’m lost in the momentum of folding
The Japanese bookbinders knew how to build dreams with their hands
Every day is like this, every page starts out the same
The momentum of folding leaves pieces of me between each page.
I weave days together, leaving room for passing moments to linger and breathe
The pages are empty but they’re mine to fill