My name is Dominique but everyone I know calls me Dom. I didn’t pick the nickname but I sure love it. I’m currently studying History at BYU and I work as an account manager for a local startup. I’m married to the man of my dreams, Chase Wilcox. I’m obsessed with my cat. My favorite food is cheeseburgers and I want to live in the PNW someday. Thanks for reading my blog!

Quick Update

It’s crazy how every one of our summer plans didn’t work out–I’m no longer working remotely, I didn’t take a break from school like I thought I would, we live in Washington instead of Alaska–but we’re happy. I think this is where we were meant to be. Getting to spend extra time getting to know Chase’s family, saving on living expenses, getting ahead in my degree, developing and strengthening my marriage under new circumstances… we’ve been really lucky.