A Weekend at Lake Merwin

When I was a freshman at BYU, I was randomly assigned a roommate named Julia. On the housing applications, there is a short survey that allows the student to indicate preferences like music or cleanliness. When I saw that Julia had put her cleanliness level to “would be bothered by a sock on the floor” I was seriously worried because my cleanliness level at that point in my life was on the opposite end of the spectrum and I was worried I would traumatize my neat roommate with my bad habits. This mysterious, clean person named Julia had amazing music taste, however (which is why I didn’t just switch out before meeting her out of fear of confrontation lol) and Julia became one of my very best friends.

After our freshman year, we took a trip to Julia’s hometown of Vancouver, Washington (among countless other trips and adventures). Her family had a beautiful cabin nestled in the woods surrounding Lake Merwin and we spent one of our days while in Washington boating, kayaking, and paddle boarding. We dreamt of the days we would take our future husbands on adventures with us, joking that maybe we could even borrow the family lake house for a couple’s trip someday.

That someday happened this weekend, as both Julia and I have moved to Washington for the summer with our husbands. We realized that the lake house was only 3 hours from where Chase and I are living. A free weekend finally rolled around, perfectly in between spring and summer term. As if the universe was handing me a way to celebrate the end of spring term, Chase was able to get work off, and we were set to go.

It was an amazing weekend of boating, kayaking, and paddle boarding with my husband, my best friend, and her husband. Strong nostalgic feelings stirred within me all weekend as I reminisced on the days of freshman year, while feeling totally satisfied that our dreams had come true. Chase water-skiied and was able to get up on the first try. The water was freezing so we didn’t do much swimming, but I did fall in once! The weather was absolutely beautiful, even with the rain. When we wanted to go out on the water, it cleared up and I have never seen such a still lake.

And if you thought an amazing weekend couldn’t get better, it did! Julia has the most adorable little mini-Aussie puppy named Piper. She is the most high-energy little dog I have ever met and again, THE MOST ADORABLE. It rained for part of the time we were at the cabin so it was nice to have a puppy for entertainment (as well as Skull King and Minecraft Dungeons). When we first got to the cabin, she peed all over the floor because she was so excited to see new people. She also tried going on the kayaks and was such a brave girl!

I am so grateful for amazing people to adventure with and Julia’s waterproof iPhone 11 so we could take pictures of it all. Enjoy!

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