Settling In

We pulled out of the Cambridge Court parking lot for what will probably be the last time and I waved goodbye to my first married apartment–home to countless firsts, laughs, arguments, spills, accidents, lessons, and memories of our first months as a married couple.

Though it was bittersweet to say goodbye, I was not sad to be missing out on another Utah summer in a third story apartment with no central air conditioning (not to mention our apartment was directly above the laundry facility).

Cat Story Time! Skip ahead for the people content!

Clover was the last “thing” to leave the apartment. We carried her down in a blanket because she was already so stressed at the process of moving out and scared to go outside. Luckily, we had taken her on many a car trip previous so she wasn’t too freaked out at first. We had her carrier (which is her safe space) and her litter box easily accessible to her and Chase did his best to stabilize both of them. Chase even set her in the litter box before we started to make sure she knew where it was. We started driving and she roamed the car, occasionally meowing but not crying. We stopped at the Habit Burger Grill and ate on the grass while Clover sat in the car. She settled in and seemed pretty happy.

Once we finished eating, it was time to actually get on the road. I had the first shift and as we got onto the interstate, she climbed into my lap and meowed. All of the sudden, I felt my leg get really warm. Turns out, she was peeing in my lap. But honestly, I wasn’t even mad about it. We had our car filled to the brim with our summer supplies, which included my work computer and Chase’s desktop. Had she peed anywhere else, it would’ve been way harder to clean and potentially terrible. Plus, I’m pretty sure it was her way of communicating to me that she was really scared. Chase helped mop up my leg and I decided to just “tough it out” and keep driving lol. Clover settled into my lap and stayed there for a good chunk of my driving shift. When it was time to switch, she stayed in my lap too. It feels good to know I am her safe space.

Instead of driving all the way to Washington, we decided to stop at an Airbnb in Idaho and finish the drive the following day. We stayed at the coolest private basement room that was probably the most pet friendly accommodations I’ve ever seen. They had this really cool waterproof flooring and THE MOST AMAZING SHOWER I HAVE EVER SEEN (which has nothing to do with pets but seriously…it was amazing).

Clover handled the rest of the road trip like an absolute champion. She spent the portion from Idaho to Washington on the floor of the passenger side, curled up at whoever’s feet OR in her carrier. I was happy that the carrier acted as a safe space (which I had attempted to create when I first bought the carrier).

We have been in Washington for about a week now and it has been so nice to have more things to do. After like 2 months of very sedentary living aside from the occasional bike ride around BYU, we were feeling so stir crazy. We had only really interacted with each other and now we have 4 other people to talk to and 4 other animals to play with. It’s amazing! Chase’s family is also a board game/card game family and it’s nice having people to play with. Plus, since we’ve lived in Utah, Chase has gotten to know my family (who all live there) pretty well. I’m super grateful I get the opportunity to really get to know his family.

Not only has it been amazing to have increased human contact and connection, we’ve had a lot of really fun adventures since being here so far. Here are some pictures of the highlights from the past week!

As always with a move, there has been an adjustment period. Even with increased social interaction and opportunities to get out of the house, I have found myself feeling lonely or melancholy. I tend to be resistant to change and in the face of change, I cope by self-isolating (which usually just intensifies those melancholy, lonely feelings). Maybe it’s distance from friends and family, maybe its a new location and worrying about Clover settling in (though she has been totally fine). Maybe I need to go easy on myself because we’re in the middle of a pandemic, I just moved, I’ve started brand new classes with new responsibilities, and every thing about my life is different now, which is hard for anyone to adjust to.

I don’t want to focus on negative emotions on my blog, but I think it is important to share the good with the bad when documenting our lives. It isn’t always sunshine and roses and life can be really challenging. It takes time to adjust to new things. I have to be patient–after a whirlwind of change, the dust needs time to settle.

“There is only one time that is important – NOW! It is the most important time because it is the only time hat we have any power.”

–Leo Tolstoy

So I’m settling in. Instead of focusing on the sad, I want to set goals. My goal for this summer is to practice living in the moment and less in my head, which will hopefully help ease my anxiety a bit. Maybe I will be less resistant to change if I live more presently in the moment. I’m hoping to get more into poetry while we are here and hopefully that will give me an outlet for my feelings. I want to try my hand at positive poetry for the first time. I’m thinking about focusing on quick-writing poems, just drawing inspiration from whatever is around me and wrangling the words that come to mind into beautiful verses.

Living in the moment will also help me develop and strengthen my relationships with my husband and our family (still getting used to writing “our” instead of “his” but I LOVE it). I read something somewhere that pointed out that we often have the tendency in conversations to think about what we are going to say next rather than actually listening to whoever is speaking to us. I know for a fact I have had moments where I was so wrapped up in thinking of a connecting story about myself that I missed the entire story the person was trying to tell me in the first place. So another goal for this summer is to practice good listening.

I am really looking forward to more adventures with my husband, his family, and my kitty. I’m looking forward to a summer of goal setting, self-improvement, and living in the moment.

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