Quick Update

I’ve been a bit MIA with the blog since Coronavirus because even with all the extra time, I didn’t get much extra energy or motivation lol. Since it’s been a while, I figured I would post a quick update so I can get back into the swing of things with posting! At the end of this post, I’ve included a photo dump of the highlights of Chase and I’s adventure as a married couple navigating social distancing during a pandemic as college students. I included screenshots of things I saw on social media, brief images that bring me joy, captured adventures, and more.

When everything started closing in March, I was registered for classes full-time at BYU, as well as working 40 hours a week as an account manager for a local communications company. Chase was also enrolled in classes, with this semester being his last before graduation. Classes were going well for both of us, Chase was working at a snack delivery company, and training to get his CDL. We were planning on moving to Juneau, AK for the summer where Chase would be a tour bus driver for people on cruise excursions. I was going to work my job remotely and possibly take an online class. Crazy how when you think you have everything perfectly planned out, the universe throws a complete wrench in things.

Once things closed down, I was laid off from my job temporarily and classes were moved online. I was already in 3 online classes so the transition wasn’t too difficult for me–I actually thrive in the online setting. The remainder of the winter semester was one of my most successful, interestingly enough. Chase rocked his classes, and we were faced with the decision of our next move. Canada closed their borders so the cruise industry in Alaska was no longer an option. To save on money and since we couldn’t really afford housing in Provo, we decided to move to Puyallup, Washington where we are currently living with my husbands parents.

Since spring and summer term classes at BYU were moved online, I decided to enroll in 2 classes to try to get ahead so my fall class load will be lighter. Chase got a job delivering packages for Amazon. Clover handled the road trip here like a champion, with only one accident at the very beginning of the trip. She adjusted to the new house with new animals super well too and is even sorta friends with the other cats now. She’s also gotten to explore the outside a bit, which made me extremely nervous at first but she comes back when we call her so I’m not so worried anymore. One of the other cats, Lucky, usually tags along with her when she goes out and I like to think of him as her chaperone.

It’s crazy how every one of our summer plans didn’t work out–I’m no longer working remotely, I didn’t take a break from school like I thought I would, we live in Washington instead of Alaska–but we’re happy. I think this is where we were meant to be. Getting to spend extra time getting to know Chase’s family, saving on living expenses, getting ahead in my degree, developing and strengthening my marriage under new circumstances… we’ve been really lucky. I’m grateful that we avoided too much catastrophe caused by Coronavirus, especially because I know how devastating it has been for so many.

And without further ado, here’s that photo dump as promised!

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