A special thanks to Lama Fes for creating this masterpiece.

It was about 11:00 pm on August 22nd in our mansion of an Airbnb and I was in the bathroom throwing up. I was getting married the next day. I wasn’t nervous to get married but I was nervous that after months and months of planning, something would go wrong. I walked out, popped a melatonin, and hopped into a giant king sized bed. I was ready to sleep because the next day would be the very biggest and hopefully best day of my life.

At 5:30 am on August 23rd, I woke up to greet my hair stylist. We went into the bathroom and started the 2 hour long process that was my wedding day hairstyle. I didn’t have a set plan for how I wanted it to look, I mostly just wanted a classy looking updo so I wouldn’t have to worry about my hair for the rest of the day. The hairstylist absolutely nailed it. Next on the agenda was the makeup artist. My mom and I headed to her studio. I had arranged with the makeup artist to surprise my mom with getting her makeup done too. I knew if I had told my mom about it beforehand, she would probably decline but I wanted her to feel special too. She has done so much for me and I wanted her to feel beautiful on my wedding day.

Once I was ready, it was time to head to the temple for the sealing. During the sealing, I have never cried more in my entire life. To be honest, I hardly remember what was said because I was just so focused on Chase and how happy I was (and trying to control the crying so I didn’t ruin my makeup and get mascara all over my wedding clothes). Chase cried just as much as I did, which was probably interesting for his family to see because he is not much of a crier. If I had to pick a favorite part of the best day of my life, this would definitely be a contender.

Once the sealing was finished, Chase and I got to sit together as newly weds before exiting the temple to greet our families. I was still crying, overwhelmed with a new kind of joy I have never felt before. It was a sense of completeness, happiness, and pure love.

The temple exit was a lot of fun. All the people we loved most were waiting to cheer us on as newly weds. We got to greet all of our family and close friends and then it was time for pictures. Here’s a little gallery of some of my favorite moments right outside the temple.

After we had taken all of the pictures with family, our photographer, Pepper Nix, let them know they could head out (to get lunch, chill out before the reception, etc). Our wedding party stuck around for some fun pictures outside the temple. It was so fun getting to just goof around with all of our best friends.

Pepper then let our wedding party off the hook and told them they could leave to get lunch as well. It was time for Chase and my’s glamour shots. This was another contender for favorite part of the day. We just got to walk around the temple holding hands, giggling, kissing, and having fun together as our photographer and videographer captured it all. These are some of my favorite pictures of us to ever exist.

Once we finished taking pictures outside the temple, we needed to make a quick pitstop for lunch because Chase and I hadn’t eaten yet (and I wasn’t trying to pass out at my reception). It may have been our wedding day, but Taco Bell sounded sooooo good to both of us so we decided to head there for lunch. Pepper tagged along with us and we got these gems. Taco Bell was the only thing I ate on our wedding day (besides a bite of cake, a bit of shaved ice, and some munchies from our favors lol) and I wouldn’t have it any other way. In non-special occasion life, Taco Bell is one of our go-tos when we can’t decide what to eat so it was honestly the perfect thing to have for lunch. Everyone in the Taco Bell stared a lot which honestly just added to the fun. As we were getting ready to head to Taco Bell, we realized we didn’t have my phone or the car keys. Normally, this kind of thing would really stress me out. I remember thinking “Who cares, I’ll just get a new phone, I’m MARRIED AND NOTHING CAN RUIN THIS JOY.” We found the car keys and hopped into the car and realized we were running on empty. We found the nearest gas station and literally rolled into it. Again, normally this kind of thing would send me into a panic but I didn’t care. As long as I had my new husband, nothing could ruin my day and nothing did.

After we finished lunch, it was time to head to the reception venue. We had our reception at this adorable venue called the Bungalow. It had both indoor and outdoor areas, both of which were absolutely stunning and exactly what I had imagined for my wedding when I was little. We took a few more pictures with our immediate family and wedding party, and then the reception began. Here’s some pictures of the little details of our venue and more pictures with our wedding party.

The week we got married, we had 2 cousins on Chase’s side get married as well. After both of those weddings, I realized I wanted an area just for the kids because at the previous weddings, they were running amuck (which was probably a lot of fun, but I am a control freak lol) So, I decided I wanted a kid’s corner. The wedding venue had this adorable little gated off secret area that we gave a “Kids ONLY” sign. Inside, there was legos, coloring, scavenger hunts, and disposable cameras.

For our favors, we decided to do “His and Her Favorite Snacks,” which we put into little bride and groom shaped boxes. The bride box had Munchies (mini doritos, sun chips, cheetoes, and pretzels) and the groom box had mini sour gummy worms. They were a HIT.

Our cake had two tiers, and in retrospect we wish we would’ve gotten a bigger cake because there wasn’t enough for everybody. The bottom tier was a vanilla cake with a chocolate mousse filling (that was TO DIE FOR) and the top tier was red velvet with a dulche de leche filling. The entire thing was covered with cream cheese frosting. It was absolutely delicious, even though we both only got like one bite.

For dinner, we decided to cater street tacos. We decided on chicken tacos and the guests LOVED THEM. I didn’t end up trying any until we were home from our honeymoon (because our wedding coordinator expertly saran-wrapped some for us to take home). They were still delicious a week later.

I knew that I wanted to spend most of our reception dancing and celebrating, rather than standing in a reception line. So we decided to have the line for one hour only, so that the rest of the reception could be for celebrating. It was so fun to meet each other’s families and friends (and get lots of attention and hear a lot of really nice things being said about us).

After the reception line, we had our Mother/Son and Father/Daughter dance to the song “Tapestry” by Liv Dawson. My dad and I goofed off pretty much the entire time. Chase told me that he and his mom had a very meaningful conversation (but wouldn’t share the details).

“And all the things that I’ve seen
You will always be part of my tapestry
And all the places I’ve been
You will always be part of my tapestry”

Afterwards, Chase and I had our first dance to the song “La Vie En Rose” by Louis Armstrong. The song is sweet, sentimental, and we got engaged in Paris so it was the perfect song to celebrate the beginning of our lives together. Being held in Chase’s arms as his wife was magical. Even though lots of people were watching us, the rest of the world faded away. It was just me and Chase, in love as husband and wife.

After the dances, we had a mini ring ceremony. My father and some of my best friends were not able to see us actually get sealed and it was really important to me that we included them. We read each other little “vows” which were really just proclamations of love. I read Chase a poem I had written after he proposed. Chase told the story of how he knew he had fallen in love with me. You can read the poem here.

After we exchanged rings, we did the bouquet toss and the garter toss. AND THEN WE DANCED. I spent the entire rest of the night dancing, talking with friends, taking pictures, and being happy. Chase is not much of a dancer but he loves me so he danced with me a few times throughout the night (which may not sound like a big deal but it really shows how much he loves me).

We had shaved ice for our guests because 1. it is yummy and fun for a summer wedding and 2. we got shaved ice on our very first date. Chase’s aunt, Susanna, lived in Hawaii for a while and ran a shaved ice business. She homemade all of the syrups and it was absolutely delicious.

By the end of the night, my feet were so nasty and dirty, but I just couldn’t wear the heels anymore lol. We had 2 send offs, one with rose petals and one with sparklers because we just couldn’t decide which one we wanted more. The Bungalow has a very strict no fireworks/sparkler policy so we did it in the Ace Hardware parking lot across the street. And then we drove away, into marital bliss and the first night together as husband and wife.

We already had our new apartment all set up so we decided instead of staying in a hotel, we would just spend the night in our apartment and then leave for our honeymoon the next evening. I would recommend waiting to leave for a honeymoon until the next evening to ANYONE AND EVERYONE GETTING MARRIED. Here’s why: 1. After the wedding, we were exhausted. I cannot imagine having to travel after a day of non-stop action. 2. In the morning, we got to wake up together, have a quick breakfast, open all of our cards and presents together, and then make sure we were ready to leave for the honeymoon. This alone time in our new apartment was so sweet. We got to spend our first morning as husband and wife in our apartment and see what real life together looked like.


Our wedding was the very best day of my entire life. Little things may have gone wrong, but the happiness I felt couldn’t be phased by anything. After months of planning to make everything as perfect, beautiful, and as representative of Chase and I as possible, it all paid off. It really was the perfect day. I have never felt more beautiful, happy, or loved in my entire life, which is exactly how it should be. And now, after exactly 6 months of marriage, I get to reminisce while enjoying the ongoing love and happiness I get within my marriage to Chase. The first 6 months of marriage have been filled with learning, growth, adventure, happiness and a whole lotta love. I love you, Mr. Wilcox.

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