Pioneer…but make it fashion

Another day, another skirt. I wore this to work today and felt REAL cute. The constant stream of compliments I received throughout the day definitely helped, but even without that I felt cute and that’s how I know I found a new outfit to put into my rotation.

Today, we paired a very fun, flowy, floral chiffon skirt with a soft sweater and a pair of timbs. I french tucked the sweater to give the outfit a more composed look (and who doesn’t love a french tuck?)

This skirt was long enough (and it was warm enough) that I decided against wearing tights. I thought the timbs would help dress the outfit down a bit, especially because my workplace has a pretty casual feel when it comes to “dress code.” And when I say that, I mean there is absolutely no dress code and I could wear sweats if I wanted (and do fairly often), so I would feel pretty weird if I rolled up in my Sunday best.

I wore some of my favorite hoops and decided on a very natural makeup look. I used a lightweight BB cream, some blush, set it with some powder, and called it a day. I quite like the light foundation/blush with no mascara look. These days, I rarely wear makeup so just a quick routine like this is enough to make me feel beautiful. My freshman year of college, you couldn’t catch me without fake lashes and a full coverage foundation. The summer after my freshman year, I challenged myself to go an entire month without wearing makeup. The first week or so was ROUGH! I couldn’t look at a mirror before leaving my house because if I did, I would cave and put something on my face. I had convinced myself I looked like a troll without makeup. By the end of that month though, I had never felt more free AND NEVER FELT MORE BEAUTIFUL! I’m very happy with my relationship with makeup now. I wear it every once in a while when I need a boost, for a special occasion, or when I’m bored and want something to do. But I don’t feel like I need it anymore and I recognize my own beauty without it, which was the goal of the lil no-makeup challenge.

We had an “offsite operations” meeting today where we went to an escape room (I adore my job). If you want to read about the experience, click here, but it was after the “meeting” that I realized I seriously look like a pioneer. We took a picture when we finished the room and I saw the full majesty of my skirt and realized I was definitely sporting some major pioneer vibes. Who cares though, I think I rocked it. Hit my up for your butter churning needs lol.

See? Total Pioneer Vibes. Also, my coworkers are s’cute.

Here is where you can find all the elements of this spicy, pioneer number:

Sweater: I got it from Target. Unfortunately, I could not find the EXACT sweater I am wearing but here are some similar ones/cute alternatives: One (this one is the same sweater, just hot pink), Two (this one is a very similar sweater in a deep teal color) or Three (a completely different sweater and color, but would look nice with this outfit)

Skirt: I got it from Called to Surf, but they are no longer selling it. Luckily, Amazon is (and probably for way cheaper than I got it lol) Click me!

Boots: I got them on Black Friday from Nordstrom Rack, but here is the Amazon link: Click me!

Earrings: I got them from Nordstrom Rack (this is the ONLY place I buy earrings usually) but again, here are some fun other fun hoops: One, Two, Three, or Four.

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