Wannabe Green Thumb

It’s almost 1 am, my fingers currently smell like basil, and the air is filled with the scent of lavender. Life is good.

Me, right now, as I write this post

Recently I decided to try my hand at gardening. Unfortunately, I live in an apartment and it is winter. I am obsessed with Buzzfeed Tasty and adore watching their recipe videos (bare with me, I promise this circles back to gardening). I have the Tasty app and follow a few of the various Tasty Instagram accounts. Sometime in November, one of the accounts was posting about this team up they were doing with Aerogarden and for like $50 you could buy a small starter aerogarden with a seed kit. On Black Friday, I decided to treat myself and bought the “Mocktails” kit which had basil, lavender, and mint. They had other little starter kits with other options for seeds but those were the ones that I knew I would use the most. I wish I wish with all my heart that I had taken pictures when the little plants had just started sprouting, but unfortunately tonight was the first night I really documented my lil plant babies.

This evening, we had our first real harvest with all 3 plants involved. About 2 weeks ago, we were able to harvest the basil for the first time because that little plant has been growing the fastest. I would say it has quadrupled in size since we first trimmed it. Here is the post harvest picture I took of our bounty from tonight:

The lavender is on the left, the mint is in the middle, and the basil is on the right. As you can see, the basil had a very bountiful harvest with a HUGE pile of leaves. This is my first time gardening and hopefully I didn’t take too much off.

I am so proud of that little mint plant because we really thought he wasn’t gonna make it. The lavender and basil sprouted pretty much right on schedule (they include an estimated time frame for when to expect the first sprout) but the mint was about 2 weeks late. But he made it!! And look at that harvest! The lil guy did amazing. I decided to dry the mint to use in a homemade herbal tea!

I have more basil than I know what to do with. I probably didn’t need to take so much, but the little guy was taking over the space of the garden and slowing down the mint, so I thought it would be for the best. Our favorite way to use fresh basil right now is in a roasted pepper and basil omelette, which is TO DIE FOR! I’m thinking I also want to use some of the fresh basil this weekend to make homemade Margherita pizzas! Since I have more than I’ll be able to use fresh, I’m going to dry some of it as well to minimize waste.

For the lavender, I want to dry it to use with the mint to make the homemade herbal tea. I might also save some to use for a little bedside potpourri to help me sleep at night (and cause it smells so dang good).

To dry the herbs, I wrapped them with dental floss and hung them from one of my kitchen wall hangings that conveniently had little spaces in the frame. The purpose of it was mainly utility but dang it looks cute.

Here is the mint and the lavender. I hung them first before I had decided I wanted to dry some of the basil.

I am thrilled to have a little hobby and I’m excited that I don’t have to go outside to do it. I know little plants like these usually function as indoor plants as long as they have access to sunlight. But the way our apartment is laid out, we wouldn’t get enough sunlight for one of those plants to survive. It’s so nice that the little machine regulates itself and I can keep it on the counter (and away from my cat). I know I sound like an ad but honestly I’m just really glad I decided to go for it. And now I get fresh herbs in my life! (And cute decorations while they’re drying lol).

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