These were the example flowers done by our teacher.

For Christmas this year, I wanted to get Chase some sort of activity we could do together. We often go on cutesy I’m-basically-dragging-him-but-he-loves-me-so-he’ll-do-it dates so I wanted to find something that was right up his alley.

One of my favorite stories Chase has told me about his high school days was when he and a buddy built their own little smithing workshop. They built their own knives and other miscellaneous weapons. I thought it would be way cool to try to find a class for us to go to where we could make knives (or something along those lines)

Every knife class I found was pushing $200-300 and that definitely exceeded my budget. I looked for something like this over the course of a couple weeks when finally I found this little local shop called the Stone Fox Forge. They offered a variety of classes from making “Timeless Flowers” to knives. I thought the flower thing was cute (and it was also the cheapest!) so I bought us two passes to the class. To wrap the gift, I went to hobby lobby and found a silver fake flower, put it in a box, and put it under the tree.

On Christmas, Chase opened the box and was really confused. I told him the gift was a clue for him to try to guess what the actual gift was. He had absolutely no idea so I just told him (and he was stoked).

On the day of the class, we followed the GPS to a neighborhood in Provo and pulled up in front of this huge garage behind a house. Turns out, this guy was running a forge out of his basement and it was spectacular.

Our teacher was amazing. He took us through each step of heating up the metal so it was hot enough to change shape, hammering the metal into the desired shape, and basically strong arming the steel into the shape of a flower. The only part he did for us was welding the flower onto its stem.

I chose a calla lily because they are one of my favorite flowers and Chase chose a rose. It was fun because the process for creating each flower was totally different from one another so we each got to try both.

I don’t know what I imagined a forge to look like but this wasn’t it. They got insanely hot, which makes sense because we were trying to bend steel lol
For the roses, Chase was given pre-cut sheets of steel and had to flatten out each individual petal. For the calla lily, I was given one sheet of steel to texturize. For the stem, we curled the tip so it would resemble the stamen of a lily.
I have weak arms and it was taking me twice as long to hammer the metal while I was trying to hold the hammer and the metal sheet in place. Chase helped me by holding the metal for me while I hammered away. Teamwork makes the dream work an i right?
We got to wear these fun goggles that made me feel like I was in Willy Wonka’s TV room. This was to protect our eyes during the welding.
The flowers looked so dang beautiful when they came out of the forge. This reminded me of the rose from beauty and the beast (but way cooler because there was no curse and it won’t ever lose its petals)

Once we finished our flowers, the teacher let us know he would sandblast/shine them and then mail them to us. Here is the final product:

Once we finished the flowers, our instructor told us he would hang on to them so he could sand/shine them. About a week later, we got them in the mail!

I adore flowers so this was one of the best dates for us because it perfectly combined our interests while teaching us a fun new skill. Will I ever attempt to create my own forge to build metal flowers? Probably not. Do we have the coolest keepsakes to remind us of the date and our love for each other? Yes.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10.

Date score: 9.5/10 would absolutely do it again and again and again if we could afford it. Only lost .5 stars because I have to save the 10/10 for the truly spectacular.

For more information about this particular class, head here!


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